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Supplier Diversity Done The Right Way

Our Chief Executive and Data Officers spent last week in Atlanta Georgia with another Supplier-Diversity round table that hosted more than 30 firms that control brands that you are all likely familiar with. We are touring many cities and constantly engaging these types of round tables to understand how leaders are aiming to streamline their diversity equity inclusion & belonging (D&I) initiatives across industries and regions.

Having attended similar round table meetings across 4 continents, we want to highlight two (2) priority concerns that we hear over and over again from the Procurement Professionals that are responsible for Supplier Diversity efforts.

What does our supply chain think about D&I?
What is our program's current maturity level?

The international consensus (ISO-30415 standard) across 163 countries from top D&I consultants, policymakers, and influencers takes the guesswork out of these questions. The modern problem is that Procurement Professionals are fragmented in their creativity about how to answer these questions. Corporate change management should not be guesswork, it should be methodologically standard. The answers to these questions are laid out in the ISO-30415 standard.

There are nine (9) questions one should ask their organization. Maturity is a four (4) pronged evaluation of the organization's answers to those questions. It is laid out in the standard. No more ad hoc creativity, "off the top of my head" assessment of progress in Supplier Diversity.

If you want to get Supplier Diversity right and add it to your 5-year or 10-year growth plan, contact our Consulting Team at the link below and put your org on the path to getting Certified in ISO-30415.

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