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? Can you even define D&I?
, or KPIs on the D&I personnel??
, or how to fund & measure them???

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There are thirty-two (32) risk domains of D&I that need to be addressed in order for an organization to intentionally build inclusive business processes to mature towards.


There are twenty-seven (27) types of diversity that need to be acknowledged per the 32 risk domains of D&I. Aside from the 8 Billion diverse people on the planet, these 27 categories appear in legal dockets and organization's HR departments.


There are four (4) types D&I projects that organizations
deploy in the 27 diversity types across the 32 risk domains.

1) Training
2) Data Extraction
3) Internal Infrastructure
4) External Infrastructure 

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Supplier Diversity

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Supplier Diversity is not a "one size fits all" method, but the way we judge a company's effectiveness and efficiency of deploying a Supplier Diversity program has a rigid 8 parts. There is one way to get it right.

Product Delivery

We rarely consider D&I from a product standpoint and every product is different. Still, there is a standard way to consider inclusivity across our product offerings, both services and more tangible things.

DISM Framework _ Product Delivery.png

HUman Resources

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Human Resources is the lifeblood of any organization and using the international standard to ensure that all employees are engaged across 27 diversity types and 32 risk domains is critical to doing D&I the right way.

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