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Become an IS Partner

Build Your Business

At Inclusion Score, we are world-class specialists in Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (D&I) focused Delivery and Risk Management. On four (4) continents, employers are using our unique standardized assessments and workflow management systems to create better workplaces. Our flagship product is our InclusionScore (IS) platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which can be used for everything from D&I program management to certification, to D&I project vendor consumption. Our offerings cover the full range of D&I Service Management to serve all our clients’ client needs.


Who Are Our Partners?

From the U.S. to Australia, from Canada to South Africa, we have happy partners around the world who love our products and love how we support them in growing their businesses. We welcome all types of partners from assessment resellers and distributors to HR Consultants. Our agreements are flexible to fit your needs.

  • You are a polished professional with a successful track record of selling personality tests to clients across Europe, North America, Asia, South America, or South Africa.

  • You are open to expanding your current offering with complementary products.

  • You want to enhance your existing customer relationships and penetrate new markets by bringing clients innovative, new solutions.

  • You need to stay ahead of the competition.

  • You are driven to make more money.

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Top 3 Reasons to be an InclusionScore Partner


1. Earn More and Serve Clients Better

  • Earn more with monthly earnings for a lifetime of client relationship

  • Complimentary trial links for your prospects to try before they buy

  • Partner resources to help you promote and sell InclusionScore software

  • Co-branding opportunities and landing page to help generate and track your leads

  • Regular Partner newsletter with updates on products, resources, and more!

  • Straight-forward agreement and hassle-free partner program


2. Differentiate Your Business

Add Auditing:
Become an auditing professional or auditing enterprise by using InclusionScore and our DISM system, to build a revenue stream on top of your existing consulting business by insourcing Diversity & Inclusion evaluations or Risk Management tools.

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3. Flexible Partner Programs

  1. Auditing Advisor - use InclusionScore to manage and catalog your existing and potential clients. 

  2. Ist Party Audit - use InclusionScore to audit your client's internal D&I infrastructure before offeirng them more services. 

  3. 3rd Party Audit - use InclusionScore to auti your client's suppliers and prepare all of them to accept more D&I related services. 

Our Platform Helps

You Host Your clients And Your

client's Clients

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Send Unlimited Invites                                                                   

Generate On-Demand 1st Party Risk Reports                           

Personalize and Custom Branding                                              

Access Client Record Directly                                                       

Collaborate with Client (Modfiy and Leave Comments)          

Evaluate and Approve Cyber Maturity Submissions                

Access Client's 3rd Party Risk Management Module               

Generate On-Demand 3rd Party Risk Reports                          



















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