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NSF + Techstars

8/30/2023: We are proud to announce two great expansions of InclusionScore's reach.

First, we are taking on investment from Techstars. The venture capital firm is the world’s most active pre-seed investor. We are also joining their accelerator cohort backed by JP Morgan Chase in Washington D.C. starting in September of this year. This new investment will power our next phase of scaling corporate inclusion as a proxy of process management.

Second, D&I Pros from our certification programs have led a cohort of investigators for a $1.25 Million project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) focused on "Raising Equity Values with the Inclusive Professional Framework and ISO DEI Standards in Societies". By societies, we are referring to professional societies in STEM (science technology engineering & math) fields, starting with engineering societies like the IEEE, ASME, & ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education). We will expand the book of knowledge and build iterative technologies to train engineers in the ISO-30415 standard at scale.

Three of our core team members are certified in the ISO-30415 standard for Diversity & Inclusion Service Management and leading the effort to evolve its usability.

  1. Gretal Leibnitz, PhD - NSF Advance P.I. and ISO-30415 DIP [USA]

  2. Brian Burt, PhD - Prof. Univ of Wisconsin, Director Equity Inclusion Lab [USA]

  3. Jan Peters, PhD - CEO, Katalytik and ISO-30415 DIP [UK]

  4. Jackie El Sayed, PhD - CEO, American Society of Engineering Education [USA]

  5. Rochelle Sapp, PhD - Leadership Developer at University of Georgia [USA]

  6. Kharena Coleman, M.Ed - COO, Inclusion Corporation and ISO-30415 DIP [USA]

Together with the larger cohort participating at the annual DISM Forums, we will evolve D&I.

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