Diversity  is a    reality.

Equity       is a    choice.

Inclusion  is an  act.

Belonging  is a    result.

inclusion   diversity

Inclusion Score (IS) is rooted in the ideals of Inclusionism. 1) All people have intrinsic value. 2) All people derive their value from each other. 3) All people are owed some equity in the value we create together. Our team is passionate about taking tangible steps towards a more ethical and equitable future.

Inclusion Score (IS) was developed at Keith Institute in tandem with the development of the International Standards Organization standard for Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging in 2019. Our founder, James Felton Keith designed early versions of IS while traveling to explore corporate change management strategies for inclusion at the American Institute of Architect's Large Firm Roundtable with then Executive Director of the National Organization for Minority Architects, Karen Prater Jasmine. Keith Institute is focused on the ethics of personal-data collection in international relations and corporate governance and has deployed its foundational Inclusion Maturity Model Integration™ in order to derive inclusion scores for institutions that have the desire to deploy inclusive change management and reconsider risk management across their organizations and supply-chains.

James Felton Keith

Founder & CEO

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Dr. Karen Prater Jasmin

Chief Operating Officer

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Bryan Lewis

Chief Technology Officer

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Kharena Coleman

Lead Academic Advisor

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inclusionism is leadership

Our founding team built a product for a market that hardly existed, so to incentivize inclusion in the 21st Century.

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