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DIBOK Training

Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (D&I) has a Body of Knowledge (DIBoK) based on the global standard, ratified in 2021. 

The DIBoK covers more than the realm of Diversity, which is why we say Inclusion ≥ Diversity, because it is an act.

The DIBoK™ covers 32 Risk Domains across 4 Risk Categories specific to Governance, Human Resources, Product Delivery, and Supplier Diversity.


This comprehensive D&I provides a holistic approach to organizational changes. 



IMMI Training

The Inclusion Maturity Model Integration (IMMI) is a proven methodology for gradual policy development to incentivize actions for more inclusive workplaces across the 32 Risk Domains. 

IMMI™ is a proven approach to engaging and measuring organizational growth. It helps leaders and operators understand how to use practices to control risk and change workplace culture.




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Individuals Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are at the core of all organizational change management. Fostering an ecosystem with real-world experience is our priority.

At least 400 hours or 10 weeks of program delivery of the DIBoK in an IMMI methodology is expected before a SME can consider upgrading their certification.


Ties to diverse communities are important and SMEs are necessary in facilitating an evolution of both, process design and training at institutions. SMEs must identify a tie to a minority community of workers, either as a member or as an ally. 

We have formalized the 27 categorizations of diverse people's subject matter expertise in the workplace to mean:

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  • Gender

  • Racial

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Language / Accents


  • Geographic Location

  • Cognitive Abilities

  • Physical Abilities

  • Mental Health

  • Neurodiversity

  • Military Status

  • Citizenship

  • Behavior & Ethnodiversity

  • Personality & Thought-Style

  • Cultural Background

  • Family Upbringing

  • Social Roles

  • Education

  • Income

  • Socioeconomic Status

  • Marital Status

  • Parental Status

  • Criminal Background

  • Political Beliefs

  • Work Skills


Once confirmed as being competent in parameters set by the ISO Standard via the DIBoK and the IMMI you and your experience will be assessed by a panel of early D&I experts.  

Each of these experts has spent more than 10 years adding input to the eventual ISO Guidance, as well as, influencing D&I across multiple industries & locales to ratify this framework.

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Diversity  is a    reality.

Equity       is a    choice.

Inclusion  is an  act.

Belonging  is a    result.

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