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My team will lead your certification process

What does success look like

Every journey towards ISO certification starts with a single question “What does success look like?” Whatever the ISO standard our starting point is your business, what it wants to achieve, and how it defines success...

Once success is defined, we can ensure that our ISO-backed business solution delivers on your success criteria. We examine and deploy D&I as Service Management (DISM) using our patented Software as a Service and world-class certified consultants.





Produce your organization’s ISO manual using IS

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Having defined success and key activities, the next step towards ISO certification is to document the systems and procedures that deliver these. The IS Assessor will examine your organization’s existing procedures and identify where they conform to the ISO standard.

After the initial assessment, they will help you to pull together a manual relevant to the ISO standard you are working towards. This manual sets out how your business should operate going forward so that it can deliver the ISO standard.

Facilitate IS training to
Enhance iso adoption

For organizations the manual is an important step, but even more important is ensuring its use is embedded throughout the organization, led by the senior management team.

Depending on your needs, IS can develop and deliver tailored training programmes for your staff. Training ensures there is a full understanding and implementation of the ISO standards applied consistently across the organization so that 

ISO certification is not a one off event, but rather a process that transforms your business today.

Employee development reinforces the key principles of ISO standards. The return on investing in staff training is on-going efficiency, continual improvement of high quality systems, procedures and greater profitability.



Submission to a third party for external auditing

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With key processes in place and staff trained to consistently follow these, the next step is external audit.

Your organization will be submitted to the third party certifying body that the ISO assessor believes is the most suitable for your company. Audit is an objective view on whether your 

business is conforming to the ISO standard – IS will support and guide your business throughout the above stages and leading up to the audit so that your successful ISO certification is assured.


Your organization Gets awarded Certification in the ISO


Once confirmed as being ISO standard compliant, your organization will then be presented with the ISO certificate. 

You can then promote that you have gained international recognition to your target market.

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