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New Certified D&I Pros + Audit Tech

Today we certify more Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DIPs) based on the new ISO-30415 Standard for Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (D&I). Spanning 4 different continents, S&P 500 companies, start-ups, trade associations, and small-medium business enterprises, across every industry category, this eclectic group of trailblazers is turning D&I into an actual industry by transforming the practice of inclusivity into corporate change management.

Sign your colleagues up for the next course. It is already filling up.

In partnership with the #1 Risk Management school on the planet, at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, our lecturers led by James Felton Keith, Effenus Henderson, and Dawn Bennett-Alexander are standardizing the formerly abstract practice of inclusion. Our DIPs are experts in the auditing process of D&I and able to execute workflows after those audits across any type of organization. Check out LinkedIn as we continue to congratulate these DIPs and watch their work through the New Year.

In other news, the market driving our certification course at the university that specializes in Risk Management & Insurance is highlighted in this month's print edition of Independent Agent Magazine. An interview with James Felton Keith on the fact that there are Too Many Lawsuits to Ignore: DE&I and Your D&O, EPLI and E&O Clients is a part of a larger series on D&I in the insurance industry.

Inclusion Score is also growing. We are releasing a new version of the InclusionScore (IS) platform next month, and you are all invited to the demo launch. This technology is taking the auditing framework that we learn at the University of Georgia and automating it into a workflow of steps for any size organization. As the #1 certifying body for both individuals and institutions, we are actively creating the implementation manual for the ISO-30415 standard by scaling the number of organizations using IS to provide guide rails for their D&I program.

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