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Lloyd's of London + InclusionScore

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

New York, NY., June. 19, 2023 -- Inclusion Brokerage Services Inc., a subsidiary of Inclusion Score Inc. has partnered with multiple LLOYD'S Syndicates to insure and reinsure a "more attractive risk" profile of companies using InclusionScore's DISM via ISO-30415 to engage their employees.

In the ≥ 20 years of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) being underwritten, this is the first time that there is a real loss-prevention solution for the insurance financial line.

The market of Employment Practices Liability is estimated to be ≥ $10,000,000,000 annually across the Western World and growing. In 2022, we witnesses a 20% spike in discrimination grievances in the USA alone. We see insurance claims on both sides of the corporate culture coin.

There are so many more instances to reference as the democratic world-of-work evolves into a global population that is voluntarily and involuntarily identifying how we participate in the market for products and services. - JFK

We are proud to announce on this 2nd American Juneteenth Holiday that we are working with LLOYD'S Syndicates to incentivize inclusion through insurance using the international standard for D&I, so that we may professionalize economic inclusivity and connectivity.

This is the first time that a price is put on a lack-of-inclusion. Companies using InclusionScore will be eligible for a credit on their insurance premiums.

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