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Joined NewChip & Closed $250,000

Updated: May 4, 2023


We've recently raised $250,000 to sustain our continued development of the InclusionScore™ platform. By August you'll see some impressive updates to the capabilities of the platform here at IS and at all of our distribution partners.

Going forward, we've been accepted to the Newchip™ Accelerator Program. NewChip is the #1 Remote Accelerator on the planet. They are focused on building fundraising infrastructure for start-ups across the globe and they help us cut to the chase when identifying funding partners to scale in our priority markets USA, France, U.K., and South Africa.

In the coming weeks, we will pair our NewChip partnership with our previously announced PricewaterhouseCoopers partnership to scale distribution partners on multiple continents at once. The objective here is simply to enhance the incentives for economic inclusion through the underlying mechanism of capitalism: risk capital (insurance).

In other news our wholly-owned brokerage is making its debut. We've been making our rounds in the insurance industry to secure partnerships for the Inclusion Brokerage Services Inc. arm of Inclusion Score Inc. As our CEO has stated before, this year is about securing good distribution for InclusionScore.

InsurTech Insight on Inclusion

Recently at InsurTech Insights Americas in New York City, James Felton Keith talked with a panel of leaders from SwissRe, Aflac, and Spot Insurance on how insurance is the new incentive for inclusion. This is not the typical "diversity" conversation, this is ≥ diversity.

Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) are big ideas, but they are not a method to implement themselves. That's where we come in with Diversity & Inclusion Service Management. As JFK states in the talk below. Women have been graduating from college at a high rate than men for the past 40 years and now it has changed the market landscape. Corporations must react because their insurance claims in areas like EPL (employment practices liability) are rising as a result.

JFK also spent some time at the Lockton Complex Risk Symposium in a candid unrecorded session to discuss the $10BB financial-economic realities of corporate risks from both a lack of ESG and a lack of internal D&I change management process. He was joined by the COO of Lockton's Midwestern Series and the Director of DEI Services at Zurich (read more about that partnership).

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