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Certified D&I Pros

Congrats to the latest cohort of Certified ISO-30415 D&I Professionals, and all of the 130 certified pros of the past year. You all are the trailblazers professionalizing and standardizing D&I. While the world asks "where do we start", "what do we do next", you have the answers.

From multinational corporations to startups to national state and municipal governments, trade associations, and non-profits you all are actively turning Diversity & Inclusion into an industry.

In 2023 we will scale certification programs to France, South Africa, and the Spanish Speaking World. We will also publish the 1st version of the D&I Service Management handbook for inclusion practitioners in need of a business process.

Be sure to check out our podcast as Karen Prater Jasmine and James Felton Keith answer some of the most pressing questions from our certification courses over the past year.

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