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Aurelia Ventures + InclusionScore

📣📣📣We are thrilled to partner up with Aurelia Ventures to support their portfolio startups with our audit in the ISO-30415 standard Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

InclusionScore can seamlessly identify and hand-off an organization to regional D&I services vendors that can assist in scaling that organization’s D&I maturity across their corporate governance, product delivery, HR, and supplier diversity.

We work with multiple private-equity and venture-capital firms to audit their portfolio companies in the ISO Standard, as a part of their broader ESG (environmental social and governance) strategy. Aside from InclusionScore we have a suite of sister software-as-a-service to audit a firm in the entire ESG spectrum.

If you would like to learn more about how to invest in the growth of InclusionScore to incentivize diversity equity inclusion & belonging across the globe, click the button above.

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