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Forum: DISM + DIRC

The Diversity & Inclusion Research Conference (DIRC) are joining the forces with the Diversity & Inclusion Service Management (DISM) Forum this October for in-person and virtual working group sessions in Atlanta at the Univ of Georgia's Terry College of Business.

Our DIPs (D&I Professionals) and Forum members have participated in the DIRC multiple times over the past four years and in an effort to professionalize and standardize D&I our leadership agree that we need to put our brains together. As D&I becomes an industry it is necessary to support frameworks and practices of corporate ethnography with growing a community of academics and researchers to democratize the scale of the standard.

Last year we explored "Measuring DEI Impact" across a variety of frameworks.

Going forward if you already have a ticket for the DIRC or the DISM Forum you will have access to all of the combined panels. We will also be extending the Wednesday October 30th schedule to add new in-person panels in Atlanta.

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