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New Book: ISO-30415 D&I Service Mgmt

Today we are releasing the entire ISO-30415 D&I Service Management book in paperback and e-book! Just click the pic. This version includes details on how to implement and workflow strategies like Service Catalogs and business processes that can deliver any type of Equity, Inclusion, or Belonging project in a measurable and manageable method. This text will guide the next series of certification courses that advance the D&I Pro capabilities.

We are running a special on the e-book starting tomorrow Friday, January 5, 2024, 12:00 AM PST through Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 11:59 PM PST (California Time).

Become an expert assessor with the Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (D&I) Service Management (DISM) framework. D&I is so much more than human resources, or diversity quotas, or employee resource groups. It's a standard part of every organization's process change management workflow. It's risk management. It's internal regulation and enforcement. Train by referencing the mind of the experts who contributed to the international ISO-30415 standard and deliver D&I in the same method as a qualified D&I Professional (DIP), using the Inclusion Maturity Model Integration (IMMI), and grow your ability to audit all parts of a firm's D&I efforts. Professionals and organizations should understand that D&I is a service offering to be administered like any other service.

Going forward the ISO-30415 DISM Forum will serve as the conference to add, amend, and further the consensus on standardization across all of our industries and 163 countries. We're also looking forward to hosting you all in person this year in at Georgia's Terry College campus in Atlanta. - JFK

Aside from scaling the tools and tactics in the 2021 publication of this book, the feedback that we received from across the globe was for a notebook that highlighted core concepts, and that DIPs could carry more easily. They also asked for a less expensive digital version. We think that we've delivered on those with our publishing partners at Keith Institute.

If we can't hand you a physical copy of this book ourselves, they are being sold at distributors across the globe starting today! Just search ISO-30415 Diversity & Inclusion Service Management in your seller's search bar.

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