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DISM Forum and New ISO-30415 D&I Pros

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Join us in congratulating the latest cohort of D&I ProfessionalsI™. These trailblazers are the building blocks of corporate change management. We'll be posting some of them that are on social media via our LinkedIn. Now that we are opening cohorts in four new markets we will scale the concentration of professional's implementation of the ISO standard across their business sectors via the D&I Service Management Forum.

The inaugural DISM Forum will take place on November 16th 2023 virtually & in NYC.

This initial forum is a prelude to the May 2024 forum scheduled to scale the standardization of D&I across multiple business sectors. We'll address national standardization efforts that are localizing the International Standard, how consulting and auditing work in the real world, updates to the ISO standard, and the integration of it into both risk management and service management operations.

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