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World Pride 2021 & Euro Games

This week our CEO, James Felton Keith introduced the new international standard for Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (D&I) in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden during the World Pride 2021 Human Rights Conference and Euro Games in his capacity as International Board Member. As we prepare for the closing ceremony and pride march today, we are making a commitment to transform our Inclusion Score platform in 12 more languages and introduce it in 60 countries via our D&I Service Management (DISM) lifecycle.

This week marks the commencement of our Inclusion Score product team working directly with more than 50 human rights organizations across the globe to ensure that we are delivering D&I as a Service across every marginalized category in the same fashion that we would deliver health services to the citizens of the world.

"The data says that after literacy, economic inclusion is the number one catalyst to incentivize peaceful international relations. That said, we must prioritize a standard language for inclusion."

In Sweden, JFK also gave a speech on LGBT entrepreneurship at Scandanavia's 1st of it's kind LGBT Business Conference to mark their coming together with Italy, Former Eastern Bloc Nations, and Germany to form the newly established European LGBT Chamber of Commerce, of which Inclusion Corporation will be joining to focus a new regional team on the growth of D&I Service Management.

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