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iso Certification in Inclusion !!!

We've delayed this too long! We are finally ready to launch a certification based on the ISO-30415 standard in Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging! We have a good excuse for the delay...

Our friends at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business are partnering with us to deliver the highest quality certification in D&I. UGA has the #1 school in the country for risk management and as you all know, a lack-of-inclusion is a growing financial risk in 2021!

This certification is for real business people. We've turned D&I into Business Change Management for Auditors, Brokers, and Consultants.

This past week, our CEO, James Felton Keith and Chief Data Officer, Karen Jasmine were in Atlanta finalizing a program to launch this certification globally via UGA's Executive Education program. The highlights are:

  • 4 Week On-line Course

  • 3 Expert Lecturers (including the ISO Standard's author)

  • 1 Exam

  • Global network of +30,000 professionals

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