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Gallagher + InclusionScore

We are proud to announce a partnership with AJ Gallagher, one of the 4 largest insurance brokerage and consulting companies on the planet. By our measure, AJG has the largest HR Consultancy of any large firm, and we are excited to work with them and their clients on D&I Service Management via the InclusionScore platform.

The standardization of D&I via Service Management has set the table to implement true inclusivity across the 32 Domains of ISO-30415 and 27 Diversity Types in a way that reduces risks of isolation and enhances both equity and belonging at our organizations. While we regularly hear or read that there is no "1-size fits all" approach to Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging, that is an oversimplification of a complex topic. We are in the business of People Management -- the lifeblood of our organizations, and there is a process.

Every dinner table is indeed different but there is a best way to set the table, regardless of what's for dinner. - JFK

With service in 130 countries, Gallagher has one of the largest HR Consultancy businesses on the planet and tens of thousands of clients with Employment Practice Liability Insurance. As the landscape of workers changes, organizations will have to verify their ability to manage the inherent risks that come with managing people. Claims are up ≥ 20% and grievances are up ≥ 20% and we intend to offer a world-class solution to economic inclusion as a function of corporate change management.

The InclusionScore service is designed to be customizable to a wide range of industries and organizations of all sizes, helping them comply with the new global standard 30415 from the ISO and providing guidance on D&I principles, practices and methods to enable and support equity, fairness and accessibility for people of all backgrounds in the workplace.

ZRS' program features a multi-tiered approach aimed at ensuring holistic analysis and long-term success. It includes:

  • Assessment and reporting: Measuring where organizations are succeeding in D&I as well as falling short, we will offer customers an Inclusion Maturity Model Integration Score that assesses their organization's DEI maturity along with an improvement roadmap focused on critical areas of need in their business.

  • Consulting: Once the roadmap is set, we will work with customers to customize recommendations across the 4 Service Types for their unique business challenges and provide ongoing consultation to ensure measures are implemented in accordance with benchmarks.

  • Services and training: With the infrastructure in place, we will assist customers in communicating D&I principles throughout all levels of the organization and follow up with appropriate training to ensure objectives are understood and put into action.

We're most proud that this partnership enhances our other partnerships with LLOYD's Syndicates on tie Employment Practices Liability and other professional liability lines to the inclusion scores and D&I business processes.


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