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Auditing for ESG

This is a huge change point in how regulators look at ESG (environment social and governance) incentives.

From a real-world business standpoint, it is necessary for us to explore what ESG looks like in action. Before a firm changes its use of plastics or includes more women on its board or transforms how it identifies occupational health, it should always audit.

How one audits is increasingly problematic based on the many subjective measures in the market from think tanks and trade associations that merely exist as a validation of previous work product.

Every industry requires objectivity. Now ESG is an audit-able business process. From a business service management standpoint, ESG is a compounding of the International Standards Organization's (ISO) newest standards as follows:

  • Environmental Sustainability Standard ISO-14001 & ISO-45001

  • Diversity & Inclusion Standard ISO-30415

  • Cyber Security Standard ISO-27001

At Inclusion Corporation, we've expanded our Inclusion Score platform to include auditing capabilities for a lack of ESG as a systemic risk to their business and connected industry verticles. We examine:

  • Environment (both external & internal)

  • Inclusivity policy across governance, product, human resources, & supply-chain

  • Cyber policy & practices

As your team thinks about ESG in the near future, start by using our service management lifecycle to better understand how you should allocate resources. Contact our Consultants

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