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DISM Pre-Forum

Are you all ready for the pre-forum!? This November 16th we'll host the exclusive pre-forum for DIPs and friends before the inclusive D&I Service Management forum in May of 2024 in Atlanta, GA.

Our opening Keynote is the convener of the architecture himself, Effenus Henderson. The push-back on D&I initiatives has turned into an opportunity for standardization.

Then we'll discuss the USA's effort to standardize via the National Science Foundation and STEM societies. You'll want to hear this panel as you think about where DEI&B efforts are going globally.

Next up is a conversation about. the scaling certification landscape. We're in Canada, France, South Africa, and India in 2024. Learn where you should plug in.

Last but not least is the money talk. For the DIP consultants, most of you are leaving money on the table and there is a profit opportunity in every hour of consulting that comes with the 32 Domains of D&I.

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