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The Diversity & Inclusion Service Management Forum is the independent peer reviewed body of subject matter experts in the standards of diversity equity inclusion & belonging (D&I).

The advisory board is made of of authors, academics, practitioners, regulators and standards writers from across the globe who are invested in the professionalization of D&I as an industry. The DISM Forum was quickly formed in May of 2021 after the publication of ISO-30415:2021 in order to produce a D&I book of knowledge (DIBoK) for training and certification courses starting in North America, most notably under the advisement of Dawn Bennett-Alexander, Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. 

The DISM Forum was initially started in 2021 because of the inherent protectionism and exclusion designed into the majority certifying bodies across the globe. As we tried to streamline and industrialize inclusivity across 20 different nations, we experienced pushback, conflicts of interest, and abject discrimination. Per that experience, we democratized the writing of all standards by building a coalition of standards experts that dwarfed every regulatory known regulatory body. As we disagree and refine the standard of standards, we have become the people powered standard that is necessary to professionally integrate our organized societies. 

Diversity & Inclusion
Service ManagementForum

Mapping & Defining DEI&B

October 28 - 30, 2024


Univ of Georgia's Terry College 

3475 Lenox Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, USA

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Train in the
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Companies & Orgs


Full Schedule
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Day 1

Train The Trainer

With ≥ 300 D&I Professionals in attendance, learn what they know or get certified!

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Day 3

Implementation Panels

Panels on panels on panels of how-to and what-to-do-next

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Day 2

Edit The Standard

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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Day V

Virtual Attendees

We realize that everyone can't make it to ATL, so we will broadcast some sessions, but not all.

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Oct  28th

Day 1
Train With 300 Diversity & Inclusion Professional™
Day 2
Edit The Standard
Breakouts to audit and debate Standard changes
Day 3
Implementation Panels
Panels on panels on panels of how to deploy DEI&B

Back At Last Year

November  Pre-Forum

Below are some video recaps from the open sessions of the November 2023 Pre-Forum for D&I Pros.

Track 1
32 Domains
  • Changes to ISO-30415
  • DIP Exclusive Talks
  • BoK (Book of Knowledge)
  • Global Training Exchange
Track 2
27 Types
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade Associations
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Drawing The Lines (Laws)
Track 3
4 Services
  • Trainings
  • Data Collection Tech
  • ERGs
  • External Alliances
Track 4
  • Industry Roundtables
  • Company Practices
  • Documentation Examples
  • Selling

Welcome: Karen Prater Jasmine

Karen jasmine Speaking To Crowd.jpeg

As the original D&I Professional™ (DIP), Karen Prater Jasmine welcomes all of the DIPs to this pre-forum and will lead the day's panels as we try and understand how to better serve the growing community of DIPs.

Opening Keynote: Effenus Henderson

Effenus Henderfson at Tolerance and Inclusivity Conference.jpeg

We'll start with the convener of the architecture, Effenus Henderson. He'll consider the push-back on DEI&B initiatives globally as a rise in conservatism has tried to erase the progress made by our corporate world. If you've been reading his most recent essays, you know that there are both standardization opportunities and risks to doing nothing.


Effenus Henderson

Global Certification Programs

Ana Maria Desmaison Cornejo.jpeg

To date, there are ISO-30415 D&I Professionals™ (DIPs) from 25 countries that we are aware of, and in 2023 we have started to see the certification programs grow through that network. Meet five (5) of the DIPs who are building certification programs specific to their countries of practice. 

Linda Espinosa Valencia.jpeg


[Canada] Linda Espinosa Valencia
[Canada] Ana Maria Desmaison Cornejo
[South Africa] Zimkhitha Gova
[France] Maelle Beltas 
[India] Indranil Sen

Zimkhitha Guma - portrati 1 - 2022.jpg
Maelle Beltas.jpeg
Indranil Sen.jpeg

USA National Science Foundation (NSF)
REVIIS Grant for Standardization

Gretalyn (Gretal) Leibnitz.png

We will introduce the latest effort to standardize and interpret the ISO-30415 standard at the national level, with a presentation of the USA's National Science Foundation's REVIIS Grant to a team of academics led by DIPs to introduce D&I standardization to the STEM (science technology engineering and math) professional societies.


Gretal Leibnitz, Ph.D.
Jan Peters, Ph.D. 

Dr Jan Peters MBE.jpeg

Closing: How To Sell D&I Services


Join this session to learn how to use the ISO standard and D&I Service Management ™ to sell your clients on a billable-hour basis. With or without tech, learn to walk your clients through all 32 Domains for a fee and keep them learning from you. 


James Felton Keith

Diversity & Inclusion Service Management Forum™
a U.S.A. based non-profit initiative supported by Keith Institute & Inclusion Score Incorporated

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