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rapid Audit

Try this short version of the ISO-30415 audit. This data is confidential. We will follow up to schedule a more in-depth assessment of D&I infrastructure.

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No, we don't have a process

Yes, our process is measurable, with control documentation, and under regular critique.

We might have a process, however, it is reactive and not documented.

We have a process and it is proactive but it is not documented and under control.

Ad Hoc


Under Control


Explore the functional business categories of your business that require D&I infrastructure, so that you can leverage InclusionScore to project manage all of the initiatives that you have going on.

Learn more about the 32 Risk Domains 

Can your team track and monitoring inclusion opportunities (such as, diversity within workforce segments, progression of people from underrepresented groups, including any intersecting D&I dimensions, and the distribution of skills and roles) contained in the workforce plan, and their impacts and outcomes?
Does your team prioritize the D&I principles in product and service development?
Does your team communicate the organization’s D&I expectations, including the D&I principles, to potential supply chain partners?
Have you determined senior leadership accountability for establishing D&I principles and strategic objectives, including the provision of resources to achieve them, and embedding D&I principles into the organizational culture?