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Canadian ISO-30415 DIPs & DC Techstars

Join us in congratulating the latest cohort of D&I ProfessionalsI™. These trailblazers are the building blocks of corporate change management. We'll be posting some of them that are on social media via our LinkedIn. This is the first cohort of all Canadians trained in Canada and the beginning of the DISM Forum's scaling across North America and LATAM. In 2024 we will send another update about forthcoming Spanish & Portuguese courses and content.

This is the first course led by our partners at Venture Collective. Click the pic to learn more.

Also this week we are showcasing the InclusionScore portfolio of companies and how the ISO-30415 DISM standard is impacting companies across the globe. Join us in DC for the Techstars demo day with an RSVP at the button below.

Our CEO will demonstrate some of the automation technologies being deployed as people management based on the ISO-30415 DISM framework across 14 nations.

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